(deprecated)Ansible Playground(2.9)

Prepare your playground

In order to configure this environment, exec the below commands.

yum install -y git && git clone https://github.com/irixjp/katacoda-scenarios && cd katacoda-scenarios/master-course-data/assets/tools/

bash ./kata_setup.sh

Ansible version is below:

ansible --version

ansible.cfg is below:

cat ~/.ansible.cfg

Inventory file is below:

cat ~/inventory

This playground has three centos7 clients that is launched as docker container with privileges.


You can access port 80 for each nodes via buttons "node-1,2,3" from the top of this console.

There are some related commands.

ansible-lint --version

yamllint --version

git --version

Sample commands:

ansible all --list-hosts

ansible web -m ping

ansible node-1 -m shell -a 'hostname'

You can access to each node via 'node-1,2,3' tab on the top. Your access is redirected the below:

node-1 tab -> Host:8081 -> node-1:80
node-2 tab -> Host:8082 -> node-2:80
node-3 tab -> Host:8083 -> node-3:80


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