Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes


Arthas is a Java diagnostic tool open-sourced by Alibaba middleware team. Arthas helps developers in trouble-shooting issues in production environment for Java based applications without modifying code or restarting servers.

Arthas supports JDK 6+, supports Linux/Mac/Windows.

Through this tutorial, you can know how to use Arthas. More advanced features can be found in the Advanced Guide below.

Arthas Basics

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Start arthas-demo

Download arthas-demo.jar and start with the java -jar command:

wget https://alibaba.github.io/arthas/arthas-demo.jar java -jar arthas-demo.jar

arthas-demo is a very simple program that randomly generates integers, performs factorization, and prints the results. If the generated random number is negative, a error message will be printed.