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Arthas is a Java diagnostic tool open-sourced by Alibaba middleware team. Arthas helps developers in trouble-shooting issues in production environment for Java based applications without modifying code or restarting servers.

This tutorial takes a normal Spring Boot application as an example to demonstrate the advanced usage of the Arthas.

In the Advanced Tutorial, there are most of the advanced usages of Arthas and hope to help you troubleshoot the issue. If you have more tips or questions, please feel free to ask in Issue.

If you are using Arthas, please let us know that your use is very important to us: View

Arthas Advanced

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Start demo

Download demo-arthas-spring-boot.jar, and start with java -jar command:

wget https://github.com/hengyunabc/katacoda-scenarios/raw/master/demo-arthas-spring-boot.jar java -jar demo-arthas-spring-boot.jar

demo-arthas-spring-boot is a simple Spring Boot demo, the source code here: View

After booting, access port 80: https://[[HOST_SUBDOMAIN]]-80-[[KATACODA_HOST]].environments.katacoda.com

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