Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

The ACL system is designed to be intuitive, high-performance, and to provide administrative insight. At the highest level, there are three major components to the ACL system: tokens, policies, and rules which encapsulate policy dispositions and capabilities. The components are illustrated in the diagram below.

ACL Tokens refer to one or more related policies. ACL Policies contain one or
  many rules. Rules contain one policy disposition and, for certain resources,
  fine grained capabilities.

As you complete this scenario, you will learn about each of these objects and work with them interactively.

This scenario begins with a cluster that has:

  • 3 servers and 1 client
  • gossip encryption configured
  • mTLS configured

To recap, while completing this scenario you:

  • learned the core ACL objects

  • bootstrapped the ACL subsystem

  • installed an anonymous policy

  • learned about policy design

  • crafted a policy for two separate user personas

  • created those policies on the Nomad cluster

  • created tokens based on those policies

  • validated that your policies worked as expected through testing using those tokens

Enable Access Control in Nomad

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