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Estimated Time: 10 minutes


This lab teaches you how to use Okta's LDAP interface.

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Explore the LDAP Interface

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Explore the LDAP interface

Explore the LDAP interface

Okta comes with LDAP enabled and you can test it using ldap-utils.

To install ldap-utils in your server, try:

apt-get install -y ldap-utils

After the installation is completed, you can try your first LDAP search command:

ldapsearch -H -D "" -b "" -s sub -w

replace: : Your LDAP host. For example, ldaps://op1.ldap.oktapreview.com : Your Administrator user DN. For example, [email protected],dc=ice,dc=oktapreview,dc=com : Your User Organizational Unit. For example, ou=users,dc=ice,dc=oktapreview,dc=com : Your Password