Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 5 minutes

A Simple Greeter Javascript Function on OpenShift Cloud Functions

In this scenario, you will deploy a simple javascript function on the OpenShift Cloud Functions FaaS platform.

Currently, the setup of OpenWhisk takes up to 2.5 minutes. This setup was started when you started this scenario. It is recommended that you come back in 2.5 minutes to proceed with the first step in this scenario.

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We have now learned how to:

  • Write a simple JavaScript function
  • Deploy the function to OpenShift Cloud Functions
  • Invoke the function and see the results
  • Find an Activation Id in the Activation log and get details on an Activation.

Please take sometime to play with other related scenarios that are available to get yourself familiarized with various serverless concepts on OpenShift Cloud Functions. Good Luck!

Additional Resources

Simple Javascript Greeting Function

Step 1

Create Simple Greeter Function

1. Create a simple greeter JavaScript function

First, we need to create JavaScript file, click on the link below to create an empty file called greeter.js in the directory /root/projects/ocf : greeter.js

Once the created file is opened in the editor, you can then copy the content below into the file (or use the Copy to editor button):

function main(params) {
    var name = params.name || 'Guest';
    return {payload: 'Welcome to OpenShift Cloud Functions, ' + name};
Take a minute and review the greeter.js. At this stage it is pretty simple and has only one method that returns a JSON payload like

{"payload": "Welcome to OpenShift Cloud Functions, Guest"}

2. Deploy the function

Lets now deploy the function:

cd /root/projects/ocf/

wsk -i action create greeter greeter.js

Lets check if the function is created correctly:

wsk -i action list | grep greeter

The output of the command should show somthing like:

/whisk.system/greeter                                  private nodejs:6

3. Verify the function

Having created the function greeter, lets now verify the function by invoking it:

wsk -i action invoke --result greeter

Executing the above command should return us a JSON payload like:

{"payload": "Welcome to OpenShift Cloud Functions, Guest"}

Now invoke the function by copying the line below and pasting it into the terminal window followed by your name.

wsk -i action invoke --result greeter --param name

You should get the same respone as before but with your name instead of 'Guest'. Feel free to repeat this command several times with different names appended to the end.

Now, lets see how many times we have invoked this function by dumping the activation log. The activation log in Apache OpenWhisk is designed with a lazy database view update mechanism that prioritizes invocations over activation logging. This means that you currently often have to invoke the wsk -i activation list command twice with a pause in between. So, we will do that with the command below:

wsk -i activation list > /dev/nul 2>&1; sleep 1; wsk -i activation list | grep greeter

Now, let's pick an activation and look at it in detail. First, copy the line below and paste it into the terminal window:

wsk -i activation get

Then, pick one of the activations displayed in your terminal window and copy the activation ID and paste it after the command above. Hit Enter and you will see something like this:

ok: got activation 22cea08e45d147868ea08e45d1d78605
    "namespace": "whisk.system",
    "name": "greeter",
    "version": "0.0.2",
    "subject": "whisk.system",
    "activationId": "22cea08e45d147868ea08e45d1d78605",
    "start": 1524639089200,
    "end": 1524639089206,
    "duration": 6,
    "response": {
        "status": "success",
        "statusCode": 0,
        "success": true,
        "result": {
            "payload": "Welcome to OpenShift Cloud Functions, Jimbo"
    "logs": [],
    "annotations": [
            "key": "limits",
            "value": {
                "logs": 10,
                "memory": 256,
                "timeout": 60000
            "key": "path",
            "value": "whisk.system/greeter"
            "key": "kind",
            "value": "nodejs:6"
            "key": "waitTime",
            "value": 372
    "publish": false