Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: However long you like!

This scenario is a simple sandbox in which you can experiment with SQL in PostgreSQL.

When you start, the terminal window will automatically launch the psql command line client and connect to the pagila database in a PostgreSQL 12 instance.

The pagila database is a port of the Sakila sample database which has been updated to be more Postgres idiomatic.

We hope you enjoyed playing with PostgreSQL! If you wish to install your own copy for futher experimentation or to start building your application, please visit the PostgreSQL download page.

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PostgreSQL Sandbox


Use the terminal window to experiment with SQL and psql commands in PostgreSQL 12.

For more information on the SQL commands you can use in PostgreSQL, please see the SQL documentation.

For more information on the psql command line tool and how you can use it, please see the psql documentation.