Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: However long you like!

This is a sandbox in which you can experiment with pgAdmin 4 and PostgreSQL.

When you start, pgAdmin will be launched in a frame on the right hand side of the browser window. Follow the instructions to the left to login to pgAdmin, connect to PostgreSQL, and start exploring.

The pagila database (which is a port of the Sakila sample database which has been updated to be more Postgres idiomatic) is pre-loaded into the database server.

pgAdmin Sandbox

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pgAdmin 4 Login

Use the pgAdmin 4 frame to the right to experiment with pgAdmin. First, you need to login. The username and password are as follows:

pgAdmin 4 login

Once you have logged into pgAdmin, press the Continue button.

NOTE: You may need to hit the refresh button at the top of the frame to the right to load the UI once the server has started!

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