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Katacoda Portals

Allow users to test drive your products without any downloads or configuration using live, interactive environments.

Customised Design

Customised Design & Domain

Create portals based on your brand for an integrated look and feel with embedded Katacoda.

Use Case Driven Scenarios

Use Case Driven Scenarios

Use step-by-step scenarios to highlight how users can solve real-world problems.

Live Metrics & Insights

Live Metrics & Insights

Learn how users can engaging with your product and potential additional focus and improvements.

Documentation as a Service

Documentation as a Service

Work with the Katacoda team to build optimised learning environments and interactive scenarios.

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How is Katacoda being used?

Improving developer learning and advocacy

Container Sales and Lead Generation

Sales and Lead Generation

Provide potential clients with pre-configured demo environments allowing them to experiment to become familiar with your product and share knowledge within the company.

Interactive Labs and Documentation

Test Drives and Product Education

Allow users to test-drive your product in pre-configured environments without any setup or cost. Combined with step-by-step guides, they'll know exact what to try.

Stay up-to-date

Training and Workshops

Provide hosted pre-configured environments for users during training, workshops and conference presentations to maximise learning time and experience.

Learn Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS using Labs

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