Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 5-10 minutes


Learn how to log in to OpenShift with the web console and with the oc command line tool.


  • OpenShift user authentication and authorization basics
  • OpenShift Web Console
  • OpenShift oc tool
  • OpenShift Projects and collaboration

Use case

You must log in to do anything on an OpenShift cluster. To collaborate on an OpenShift Project, you can authorize other users to see or modify resources in your Projects.

This OpenShift cluster will self-destruct in one hour.

In this course you learned about how to log into an OpenShift cluster, as well as how you can add other users as collaborators to your project.

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Logging in to an OpenShift Cluster

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Topic 1 - Logging in Via the Web Console

The easiest way to access and interact with OpenShift is through the web console. The URL for the web console will be dictated by what was specified as the public URL for the OpenShift cluster when it was set up. Once the web console is accessed, how you then login will depend on the configured identity provider.

For this course the public URL for the web console is:


To view the web console at the same time as these instructions, you can also select the Console tab to the right of the tab for the embedded Terminal.

In the case of the OpenShift cluster managing user authentication, the web console login page will prompt you for your Username and Password.

Web Console Login

In the case of an external authentication service being used as the identity provider, it will be necessary to login first to the external service. As an example, if you were accessing OpenShift Online you would see:

External Login

For the OpenShift cluster used in this course, as the OpenShift cluster is managing user authentication, you will be presented with a login page that prompts you for your user account credentials. You can login using the credentials:

  • Username: developer
  • Password: developer

As this is the first time you have logged in as this user in this OpenShift cluster, you will be presented with a "Welcome to OpenShift" message and the option of creating a new project.

Web Console Welcome

Create a new project by selecting Create Project. Call the project myproject.

Create New Project

Upon creating a project you will be left on the overview page for the new project.

If you want to get to a list of all the projects you have available, you can select "Home->Projects" from the left hand side menu. If you do not see the menu, you can click on the hamburger menu item button in the top level corner of the web console.

List of Projects