Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

The definition of each step of this tutorial can be found at https://github.com/devonfw-tutorials/tutorials/tree/main/devonfw-ide.

Feel free to report any errors to us or fix them yourself. Errors can be reported by creating an issue in the tutorials repository. To fix the error fork the repository and create a pull request. Errors in the wiki can be reported and fixed in the tutorial-compiler repository. You can find a description of what to look for when creating a pull request at the devonfw contribution guide: https://devonfw.com/website/pages/community/community.html#community.asciidoc_contributing-to-devonfw. If you want to create a tutorial you can start with the katacoda tutorial and read the description for creating your own tutorials: https://github.com/devonfw-tutorials/tutorials/wiki/Development.

devonfw offers complete IDE solution integrated with a lot​ of integrated tooling and initial settings​. It massively speeds up development, reduces risks and helps deliver better results.



  • User should have a prior experience with Eclipse or any IDE.


Learning goals

  • After completing this scenario, you will have learned how to install devonfw development environment i.e., the devonfw IDE.

More information about devonfw IDE can be found on https://devonfw.com/website/pages/docs/devonfw-ide-introduction.asciidoc.html

Bootstrap your devonfw development environment

Install devonfw IDE

Follow the below steps to setup your devonfw development environment.

devonfw setup

Create the directory where the devonfw IDE will be installed.

mkdir devonfw

cd devonfw

To install devonfw execute the following commands. More information about setting up your IDE on https://devonfw.com/website/pages/docs/devonfw-ide-introduction.asciidoc.html#setup.asciidoc

First you have do download and extract the installation files.

wget -c https://bit.ly/2BCkFa9 -O - | tar -xz

Now start the installation process. The tools that are installed within the IDE can be configured in a settings repository. A repository that you can use has already been created by the setup script. It is located in the '/root/devonfw-settings' folder.

bash setup /root/devonfw-settings/settings.git

The installation process may take a while.

Accept the licence agreements. yes

The installer will ask you if you want to enter secrets for your maven repository. You can simply skip this by pressing 'Enter'.

The devonfw IDE is now installed. To use the new 'devon' commands you have the open a new terminal or use the following command:

. ~/.bashrc

devonfw-ide is installed successfully with Maven and Java too. These tools can be customized by changing the configuration in devon.properties.

More information on devonfw-ide can be found at https://devonfw.com/website/pages/docs/devonfw-ide-introduction.asciidoc.html