Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

The definition of each step of this tutorial can be found at https://github.com/devonfw-tutorials/tutorials/tree/main/devon4j-architecture.

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Java programming knowledge

Learning goals

This tutorial aims to explain concepts and principles of devon4j architecture with help of an sample application named JumpTheQueue. Below are the steps we will go through to understand it clearly.

  • Clone JumpTheQueue repository

  • Understand devon4j application structure

  • Understand Key and architectural principles followed by devon4j

  • Understand devon4j application architecture

By end of this tutorial you will have detailed understanding of principles followed by devon4j application as well as its structure and architecture.



To summarize, in this tutorial we learned about devon4j architecture and key principle it follows. with help of example we also learned about devon4j different modules such as api, core ,server and its multilayered architecture.

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devon4j architecture in practice

Step 1 of 4

Clone the repository https://github.com/devonfw/jump-the-queue.git

Clone jump the queue repository

First, clone the Jump-The-Queue Repository.Jump the queue is a sample devonfw application.

Please change the folder to 'devonfw/workspaces/main'.

cd devonfw/workspaces/main

Now clone the repository to your local directory.

git clone https://github.com/devonfw/jump-the-queue.git

Once project is cloned switch to next tab of IDE. In IDE explorer you will be able to see folder structure like devonfw-> workspaces->main->jump-the-queue-> java->jtqj