Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

In this scenario you will learn how to upgrade an Apache Cassandra™ cluster from 3.x to 4.x. To keep the scenario from becoming too complex, in the hands on exercises of this senario you will perform a migration of a single-node cluster.

Production Cassandra clusters always have multiple nodes. Therefore, steps have notes describing the extra work necessary to upgrade multi-node clusters.

In this scenarion, you will:

  • Configure a single node Cassandra 3.x cluster
  • Populate this cluster with data
  • Prepare the cluster for upgrade
  • Install Cassandra 4.x
  • Start Cassandra 4.x cluster
  • Verify that the data has upgraded to the Cassandra 4.x cluster

Let's get started

Migrate Cassandra 3.x -> 4.x

Step 1 of 8

Create a Cassandra 3.11.9 Cluster

In this step, a script running in the background is installing JDK 8 and Cassandra 3.11.9. The script creates a single-node Cassandra cluster. The script performs the following actions:

  1. Remove JDK 11 (the base image for this exercise has JDK 11 installed by default. Cassandra 3.x does not support JDK 11)
  2. Install JDK 8
  3. Install Cassandra 3.11.9 and configure environment variables
  4. Start Cassandra

Wait until you see the message Cassandra setup complete. (This may take a few minutes.)

Setup Complete

Click to verify that the Cassandra version is 3.11.9.

nodetool version

You should see the correct version. Version 3.11.9

After verifying the version, clear the screen and continue to the next step.