Apache Cassandra™ Operations in Kubernetes

By DataStax

This hands-on learning series covers fundamental topics in Apache Cassandra™ Operations in Kubernetes

Introduction: Deploying a Sample Application with Cassandra in Kubernetes

Learn to build scalable cloud-native apps using Apache Cassandra and Kubernetes

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Running Cassandra in Docker

Learn to deploy a Cassandra Docker app

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Managing Cassandra Clusters in Kubernetes Using Cass-Operator

Learn to deploy the Cassandra-operator with Kubernetes

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Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

Learn to monitor Cassandra with Prometheus

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Access Cassandra Via Stargate APIs

Use REST and GraphQL to access your Cassandra database

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Running K8ssandra

Learn to configure and run K8ssandra

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Automating Backup of Cassandra Clusters in Kubernetes with Medusa

Perform backup and restore using Medusa in K8ssandra

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Access Automated Repair - Reaper

Learn to perform scalable anti-entropy opertions in Cassadra with Reaper

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