Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 15 minutes

In this scenario, you will:

  • Understand the Apache Cassandra™ write path.

Cassandra has an optimized write path. To understand how to use Cassandra, it can be very helpful to understand the Cassandra write path. In this scenario we will see Cassandra writing data to the file system.


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Step 1

We've already started a single Cassandra node for you. Let's examine the contents of the commitlog directory for this node:

ls -lh /usr/share/cassandra/data/commit-log

Let's put a watch on this directory to see how it changes as we write data to Cassandra.

watch -n 1 -d "ls -lh /usr/share/cassandra/data/commit-log"

NOTE: To exit the watch later, we'll use CTRL-C