Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 5

Getting Started with Astra DB

Hello and welcome to getting started with Astra DB!

In this scenario, we will:

  • Login to Astra
  • Create a Cassandra database
  • Take a tour of the Astra UI
  • Use the Astra DB DevOps API

Here are some common questions you might have about Astra DB (click on the question to see the answer):

What is Astra DB?
Astra DB is DataStax Cassandra-as-a-service offering. This means you can leverage the power of a Cassandra database, with none of the management hassles. Plus, Astra DB gives you tools like
  • Stargate - you get REST, GraphQL, Document and CQL APIs for your database tables
  • DataStax Bulk Loader - to conveniently ingest data
  • Metrics Dashboard - so you can monitor your database

Why do I need Astra DB?
Astra DB is an easy way to have a Cassandra database. Cassandra gives you a database that is scalable, always available and globally distributed - which is what today's apps require.
Where can I find more info about Astra DB?
For more information, check out the Astra DB docs.
How much does Astra DB cost?
Your get a monthly credit of $25, so you can try out Astra DB for free. When you want to use more resources, you can see the pricing here.

This scenario is also available on our datastax.com/dev site, where you can find many more resources to help you succeed with Apache Cassandra™.

Congratulations! You've just completed the first step on the path to becoming an Astra DB database whiz!

In this quick scenario we've covered:

  • Logging in to Astra
  • Creating a Cassandra database
  • A tour of the Astra DB UI
  • One operation of the Astra DB DevOps API

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Creating a Cassandra as a Service Database with Astra DB

Step 1 of 3

Login and Create the Database

Here's a short two-minute video outlining what we are going to do here.

You can enlarge the video to full-screen by clicking in the bottom-right corner of the video.

The first step is to navigate to astra.datastax.com and login or sign up for an account!

Next, create a database as described in the video (you can also follow along in the Astra DB Docs).

  1. Click on the Create Database button in the top-left corner of the screen
  2. Within the Pay as you go box, click the Get Started button (don't worry - it won't cost anything)
  3. On the Create a Database screen, enter the Database name: betterbotz
  4. Also enter the Keyspace name: betterbotz
  5. Select your favorite cloud provider
  6. Select a region nearest your location
  7. Click the Create Database button on the right.
  8. When you see the Get Ready for Lift Off dialog, click the Continue button

It will take a few minutes for the database to initialize, but once the database is ready, you will receive an email and you will see the database status change to active.

Woot! Your Cassandra database is ready to go!