Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes

One of the easiest way to get started with Apache Cassandra™ is using Astra

In this scenario, we'll learn how to:

  • Create an Astra database
  • Install and configure cqlsh
  • Create a table in Astra
  • Insert and query data

Astra is a great Cassandra as a Service offering, so this is going to be easy! Let's get started!

ver 0.002

In this scenario, we learned How to:

  • Create an Astra database
  • Install and configure cqlsh
  • Create a table in Astra
  • Insert and query data

Having completed this scenario successfully, you know how to get a quick start on Apache Cassandra™.

Connect to Astra with CQL Shell

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Create your Astra Database

If you don't have an Astra account, set one up - it's easy.

Go to the Astra page in your browser astra.datastax.com.

Let's create the database. On the Astra dashboard, follow the steps outlined here. To make life easy, we have recommended the values you should use for this scenario.

NOTE: If you already have an Astra database with values that differ from what we suggested, you may have to adapt some of the operations in this scenario accordingly.

When you log in the first time you'll find yourself looking at the main Astra dashboard screen that looks like the image below. click on the Add Database button.

Astra dashboard

Configure your database by selecting the Free plan.

Select free plan

Next, select a provider.

Select provider

Now, select a region near you for your database and click the Configure button.

Select region

Fill in the Configure and Create Database fields with the following values, then click the Create Database button.

  • Database name: FirstDB
  • Keyspace name: user_management
  • Database username: DBUser
  • Database password: DBPassword1

Configure and Create Database

You will see the dashboard with your newly created database. While the database is initializing, the CONNECT button is inactive, but becomes active once the database is ready.

Connect Database dashboard

It may take a minute for the database to deploy, but you'll get an email when it's ready.

Congratulations! You have an active Cassandra database!