In this course, you learned that the Linux OS is:

  • a very popular operating system
  • used widely by cybersecurity professionals
  • used widely by hackers

If you want to be a good ethical hacker, it is important to learn and be familiar with the Linux OS.

An ethical hacker is a cybersecurity professional who has hacking skills, but uses his or her skills to not harm anyone, but instead help find weaknesses in computer systems and software so that those weaknesses can be secured.

Linux OS

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What is Linux?

Most of you are probably familiar and used to Operating Systems (OS) like Windows 10 or Mac OSX. Like Windows and Mac OSes, Linux is an operating system as well. It is an open source operating system and is used in different kinds of devices like your smartphones, tablets, home appliances, personal computers and even supercomputers.

The Linux Operating Systems (or in short called OS) is made up of the following items:

  • Kernel
  • Bootloader
  • Daemons
  • Graphical server
  • Desktop Environment (DE) and Applications
  • Command Line or Shell