Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Weave Cloud keynote-style demo.

In this scenario you used Weave Flux to automatically deploy changes to your application to production.

With Weave Cloud view and monitor your microservices from one convenient dashboard, and together with automated continuous delivery built with your favorite tools, deliver high quality code more rapidly.

Weave Scope allows developers to explore application deployments and their dependencies.

Weave Flux manages the automation of deployments, and automatically rolls out new versions if the Docker Image changes.

Prometheus and Weave Cortex automatically aggregates and pushes application metrics to Weave Cloud.

Weave Net enforces secure cross-cloud communication between containers using Kubernetes Network Policy.

Try it in your own infrastructure by following the Weave Cloud guides series.

Weave Cloud Keynote Demo

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Step 1 - Introduction

Today I'm going to show you how Weave Cloud helps you iterate on your application faster. It does this in two ways:

By helping you ship features faster: Deploy quickly and safely with release management for container clusters.

By helping you fix problems faster: Explore and Monitor your app running in production to discover and fix problems quickly.