Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

This exercise will demonstrate and explain how to render data onto the screen using React. The scenario will build simple but realistic comment functionality.

The scenario has already included all the required frameworks to get started. In your own application it would look like this:

``` <!DOCTYPE html>


This exercise has been added to your scrapbook where you can review the example and code you wrote at any point. The next scenario is on "Allowing Users To Create New Comments"

Scenario 1 - Display Data

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Step 1 - Define Data

To begin with we need to define the data which we want to display, in this case a number of comments. Obtaining the data will be covered in future scenarios, for now we'll use a JavaScript Array.

Copy the code below into the editor in the middle of the screen. Once done, click continue to proceed where we'll create React component for the data.


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