Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 40

In this tutorial, we are going to run Thamos Advise on a simple TensorFlow Python app using Thamos CLI. Thus getting intelligent recommendation on the software stack using the CLI.

About Thamos

Thamos is the CLI application offered by Thoth that interacts with Thoth Backend API. Thamos can be configured using a .thoth.yaml in your Python app's root directory.

You can find the full documentation on Thamos here - Link

About the environment.

This is a CENTOS environment with a terminal and an editor.
We are operating our services on the MassOpen.cloud #operatefirst

Thank you for trying to build using Thamos CLI.

Visit us at - http://thoth-station.ninja/

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Thamos CLI

Step 1 of 2

Setup the environment.

Before we start using Thamos, let's give a couple of minutes for the environment to setup.

Next we could go ahead and install Thamos CLI -

pip3 install thamos

Now that all that is done, let's check what Thamos offer-

thamos --help

You should see something like this -
Thamos help

Bravo if you made it till here! We are almost done with the setup. Last step is cloning out our demo app - Link

git clone https://github.com/thoth-station/s2i-example.git && cd s2i-example

You can see all the files, that our sample repo contains in the Katacoda editor.

Now let's check out our sample application -


And to check all the direct dependencies it needs using -