Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

The goal of this scenario is to update a deployed application with kubectl set image and to rollback with the rollout undo command.

The online terminal is a pre-configured Linux environment that can be used as a regular console (you can type commands). Clicking on the blocks of code followed by the ENTER sign will execute that command in the terminal.

Module 6 - Update your app

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Step 1: Update the version of the app

To list your deployments use the get deployments command: kubectl get deployments

To list the running Pods use the get pods command:

kubectl get pods

To view the current image version of the app, run a describe command against the Pods (look at the Image field):

kubectl describe pods

To update the image of the application to version 2, use the set image command, followed by the deployment name and the new image version:

kubectl set image deployments/kubernetes-bootcamp kubernetes-bootcamp=jocatalin/kubernetes-bootcamp:v2

The command notified the Deployment to use a different image for your app and initiated a rolling update. Check the status of the new Pods, and view the old one terminating with the get pods command:

kubectl get pods