Learn Git Version Control using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios

By Katacoda

Solve real problems and enhance your skills with browser based hands on labs without any downloads or configuration

Scenario 1 - Committing Files

Learn how to initalise a repository and start committing files.

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Scenario 2 - Committing Changes

Learn how to compare and commit changes.

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Scenario 3 - Working Remotely

Learn how to share your changes with others and access other people's changes.

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Scenario 4 - Undoing Changes

Learn how to undo changes when required.

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Scenario 5 - Fixing Merge Conflicts

Learn how to fix merge conflicts then they occur.

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Scenario 6 - Experiments Using Branches

Learn how to create branches of master for experimenting and prototyping ideas.

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Scenario 7 - Finding Bugs

Learn how to find commits related to bugs and issues with code.

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Scenario 8 - Being Picky With Git

Learn how to pick certain commits and changes from other repositories.

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Scenario 9 - Re-writing History

Learn how to re-write history when required.

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