Learn Docker & Containers using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios

By Katacoda

Solve real problems and enhance your skills with browser based hands on labs without any downloads or configuration

Deploying Your First Docker Container

Learn how to launch containers using Docker

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Deploy Static HTML Website as Container

Learn how to run a static HTML website using Nginx

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Building Container Images

Learn how to build and launch your own container images

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Dockerizing Node.js

Learn how to deploy Node.js applications as containers

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Optimise Builds With Docker OnBuild

Learn how to optimise your Dockerfile using OnBuild

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Ignoring Files During Build

Learn how to ignore files being sent to the Docker Build Context or included in an image

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Create Data Containers

Learn how to use Data Containers and volumes-from property

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Creating Networks Between Containers using Links

Learn how containers communicate via links

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Creating Networks Between Containers using Networks

Learn how containers communicate via networks

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Persisting Data Using Volumes

Learn how to persist and share data between containers using Volumes

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Manage Container Log Files

Learn the different approaches for handling container log files

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Ensuring Container Uptime With Restart Policies

Understand how you can use Docker to ensure your containers stay up

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Adding Docker Metadata & Labels

Create Labels and other Docker Metadata to tag your containers

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Load Balancing Containers

Learn how you can use NGINX to load balance containers using Service Discovery & Docker's Metadata

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Orchestration using Docker Compose

Learn how to use Docker Compose to orchestration multi-container applications

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See Container Metrics With Docker Stats

Gain insights into CPU, Memory and Network IO of your running containers

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Creating Optimised Docker Images using Multi-Stage Builds

Learn how to create multi-stage builds using Docker

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Formatting PS Output

Learn how to format the output of docker ps and inspect

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Run Docker From Rootless Users

Learn how to run Docker using low privileged users

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Learn Docker Swarm 101

Learn how to manage clusters using Docker Swarm Mode

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Docker Swarm Mode Playground

Learn the Docker Swarm Mode features using the Playground

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Interactive Learning Playgrounds


Use Docker in a safe playground environment

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Community Scenarios

These scenarios have been created by the community to enhance the core course and demonstrate additional real-world scenarios.

By Ben Hall

Docker and Makefiles

In this scenario you will learn how to use Make for managing docker image creation

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