Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes

This scenario uses an interactive environment to explain how to configure and start a CoreDNS server. CoreDNS is a DNS service discovery for the cloud and aims to be a fast and flexible server.

In this scenario, CoreDNS will be populated based on a DNS Zone File. The zone defines all the DNS entries for a particular domain.

Congratulations on completing the scenario. You've successfully deployed a CoreDNS server. Find out more at https://coredns.io/

Create a DNS Responder

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Step 1 - Setup CoreDNS

CoreDNS is a standalone, self-contained, binary. Built using Golang, the binary is available on OSX and Linux.


Start downloading the binary using the command below.

curl -OL https://github.com/miekg/coredns/releases/download/v001/coredns_001_linux_x86_64.tgz tar -xvf coredns_001_linux_x86_64.tgz

Once completed, continue to configure and then launch the server.