Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes


A Service is an abstraction in kubernetes that allows you to connect to pods, it provides two main functionalities service-discovery and load-balancing.

Some typical uses of a Service are:

  • provide an endpoint to connect to an application, such as an nginx webserver
  • create a load-balancer that will distribute traffic to pods
  • create an external endpoint to a service outside of the cluster for example an RDS database

There are multiple types of services:

  • NodePort that exposes a port on all the nodes
  • LoadBalancer that create a loadbalancer depending on your environment
  • ClusterIP which creates a dedicated IP which can usually be only access inside of the cluster

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Manage Services

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Launch Deployment

First things first, lets create a deployment that we will use to learn the various service types.

To do so run:

kubectl create -f nginx-deployment.yml

and make sure all is healthy:

kubectl get deploy