Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 2 minutes

Welcome to your first Katacoda Scenario!

Katacoda is cool.

You've completed your first Katacoda scenario!

Docker Swarm Basics

Step 1 - Run Command

This is your first step.


First let's install dependencies

The dashboard is running on Port 9000 and can be accessed via this link

6) Visit the newly deployed container on port 80

npm i mobx

lets go to node shell and start coding


import mobx

var mobx = require('mobx')

set our observabale

var { observable, autorun } = mobx

create an observable variable

const map = observable.map({ key: "initial value" })

autorun gets invoked whenever our observable changes

var disposer = autorun(() => { console.log("Invoked:", map.get("key")); })

now lets change our observable

map.set("key", "new value")

Terminal Host 2