Citrus Http REST

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Start demo application

This tutorial shows how to access Http REST APIs with Citrus.

First of all we need a demo web application that we would like to test. So lets build and start the todo-app sample web application.

Building the sample app

The tutorial uses a small web application that we want to integrate with in our tests. The demo application is a SpringBoot web application that is able to create and manage todo entries. The sample application has already been loaded for you.

You can find the application in the following directory

cd ~/tutorial/app

We can build and start the application with Maven by executing following command:

mvn package

mvn spring-boot:start

This commands may take some time (~1-2 minutes) as the process will compile, package and start the complete web application with all required dependencies.

As soon as the build has finished you can visit the running todo demo web application:


You can create new todo entries, check them as done and remove the entries from the list.

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