In this scenario you've learned how to build a Red Hat Decision Manager Micro-Rules service on OpenShift.

We started by defining our project in the Red Hat Decision Manager web-based workbench Decision Central. Next, we created our fist data-model and decision-table representing our facts and rules.

Using the Build & Deploy functionality in Decision Central, we were able to compile and package our rules in a KJAR and deploy the KJAR onto the Decision Server running in OpenShift

Finally we tested our rules using the Swagger UI provided by the Decision Server.

Red Hat Decision Manager supports many more use-cases and scenarios. Please consult the various online resources (manuals, blogs, demos, forums, etc.) to continue your Red Hat Decision Manager journey.

Red Hat Decision Manager Loan Application on OpenShift

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Starting the Decision Central workbench

The Red Hat Decision Manager Decision Central workbench is provided in this Katacoda image and is automatically loaded and started when this scenario is started. Please observe the output of the terminal to verify that the Workbench is available.

It may take a while for the platform to be ready as we are spinning up the entire decision framework. When it is ready you will see the following message in the terminal:

Waiting for the Red Hat Decision Manager workbench to become available

Enviroment ready!

When the workbench is ready, it can be accessed at: http://loan-demo-rhdmcentr-loan-demo.[[HOST_SUBDOMAIN]]-80-[[KATACODA_HOST]]

Use the following credentials to log in:

  • username: developer
  • password: developer

If all is well, you will be presented with the following screen: