Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 30 minutes


Welcome to the Yellow Belt DevOps Dojo - Stripe 2 Katacoda course.

The DevOps Dojo Yellow Belt - Second Stripe

This course is the second stripe of your DevOps Dojo Yellow Belt.

It is made of 7 modules:

  • Binary Management - Continuous Integration

  • Binary Management - Continuous Delivery

  • Infrastructure As Code

  • Monitoring

  • Trunk Based Development

  • Test Automation Strategies

  • Test Automation Strategies - Implementation

Each modules awards a badge. Once you complete all modules, you will get the second stripe on your Yellow Belt. Assuming of course you have completed Yellow Belt DevOps Dojo - Stripe 1.

Katacoda environment

The modules make use of Katacoda environments. Those are ephemeral environments which are created just for you, on the fly. They will time out after one hour. The good news is that you can explore around and get out of the script: it is your own environment.

So, go grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, close your email, put your phone on plane mode, and let's get started!

Welcome module

In this Welcome module lab, we will get you started and setup a dedicated environment for you, to allow you complete the labs for the other modules in the Yellow Belt DevOps Dojo - Stripe 2 at your own pace.

The environment for Yellow Belt DevOps Dojo - Stripe 2 is completely separate to the environment for Yellow Belt DevOps Dojo - Stripe 1. Aside from some noted exceptions you can take the modules in any order from any Stripe in support of your personal learning objectives.

First, to begin let us revisit the story of a business formed by the CEO Charlie, a DevOps team, an application and its delivery chain (continuous delivery pipeline).

The Pet Clinic team have established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth ...

Apologies wrong course, let's try that again

Once upon a time, not so long ago in galaxy not so far away...


This is it, you are now all set to start Stripe 2 of your DevOps Dojo Yellow Belt!

Buckle up. Where we are going we don't need Roads.

Enjoy ...


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The story

Welcome Back.

This is the ongoing story of a business, a team, an application and its delivery chain (their continuous delivery pipeline).

As you may recall the team is part of the IT organization of a large Pet Clinic. The Pet Clinic runs its business on a Java application. The application includes features to manage a list of clients (pet owners), their pets, and a list of veterinarians with their specialties.

The Pet Clinic IT team are still working to develop, test, deploy and support the Java application.

Pet Clinic application

As the Pet Clinic team continue their DevOps journey their software development process is getting more efficient.

This is due to a variety of factors including

  • Cultural - Use of Value Stream Mapping, Improvement Themes and DevOps Kaizen.

  • Process - Introduction of CI pipelines, Source Code Management, Test Automation and a Shift Left on Security.

  • Tooling - Including GitHub, Jenkins and various test automation tools.

However with the increasing efficiency, as is the way of things, new challenges are emerging for the team.

Come join us on the ongoing voyages of the Pet Clinic team on their continuing mission: to explore new DevOps principles and practices, to seek out new and better ways of doing things, to continue to boldly go where no Pet Clinic team has gone before...

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