Difficulty: intermediate
Estimated Time: 40 minutes


We join the team as they are engaged in one of their scheduled Kaizen events.

In their Kaizen events they assess current state, refine their ever evolving definition of awesome and decide on the next steps to take to address any deltas between their current state and the desired awesome state.

One of the challenges identified by the team is how and where to manage the increasing number of artifacts they are producing as their software development processes accelerate.

Chun is advocating the use of a Binary Management tool.

Santhosh who is leading the Kaizen event asks Chun to give the team an overview of Binary Management.


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Run the following command to bring up Artifactory and Jenkins and connect it to your copy of the Pet Clinic application's code. This script may take a few minutes to run.

(you will re-use the GitHub "Personal Access Token" you have created in the Welcome module. If you lost it, go to https://github.dxc.com/settings/tokens to create a new one and save it for later.)


...and wait for the "Click to Continue" message.

Note: Jenkins is an open source automation server used for automating continuous integration and facilitating the technical aspects of continuous delivery.

💡 TIP: 🦊 Firefox user? Use CTRL+INS / SHIFT+INS to copy/paste your Personal Access Token in the window.

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