Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes

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First Kubernetes Lab - Intro To Kubernetes

In this lab we will cover:

  • Learn about Katacoda
  • Deploying a basic HTTP Pod
  • Exposing a basic HTTP Pod to the cluster
  • Exploring the Kubernetes Dashboard

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Congratulations, you've just finished the tour of Katacoda and your first lab! From here on out, we'll learn about Kubernetes objects, and how to configure and deploy them.

First Kubernetes Lab

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Welcome to Katacoda

Welcome to the BoxBoat Bootcamp! For our labs, we utilize Katacoda. Katacoda is a platform that enables you to run Docker and Kubernetes in your web browser. Each lab has multiple steps where we'll explain concepts and how you can utilize them in Kubernetes. In the future, if you want to experiment with Kubernetes, you should check out Katacoda's Kubernetes playground.

Our Katacoda environment is a lightweight Linux distribution where we can run pretty much whatever we want. Katacoda simplifies the process by allowing you to click on commands to execute them. For example:


You can click on that, and it will execute ls inside the environment.

You can also view open ports, and even edit files. We will be using this platform for all of our Kubernetes labs.

We strongly recommend that you use a text editor on your host to edit and save files ( VS Code and Atom are excellent and free ). You will receive a copy of all lab files we use at the conclusion of the training.

Each session has multiple hosts. Your current host is a master node that lets us run the cluster. You also have another host that is a worker, which runs workloads.

We generally keep files for labs in ./resources/. We also store all of your old work from previous sessions in /old/ on this host.

Let's begin.