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DevOps Breakfast Club with Contino and Katacoda | Katacoda Blog

Breakfast, Kubernetes and Katacoda. What could be better?

Katacoda was honoured to lead Contino’s second-ever DevOps Breakfast Club! In this fun hands-on workshop, we took a focus on the foundations of Kubernetes. The Workshop was an opportunity for engineers who already had an understanding of containers but wanted to expand their knowledge and how containers worked at scale and in production.

The Breakfast club runs from 9am to lunch time meaning it was critical that everyone could get started on time, this is where Katacoda was essential! By having everything in the browser, attendees were able to get started without having to worry about downloads and configuration or even having to worry about their laptops crashing when going back to work. The group was working through content and live scenarios from the Katacoda platform all structured and properly configured for Kubernetes.

We went through:

  • How to initialise a Kubernetes cluster

  • How to deploy and manage applications

  • How to use databases on Kubernetes

  • How to monitoring containers

  • How to Run Kubernetes in the cloud

By the end of the workshop, with the help of a couple of Bacon rolls and a few re-fills of tea and coffee, the class of 30 people had grasped the foundations of Kubernetes and were now ready and fully confident in deploying their applications but also now knew how to take their next steps to continue their adaptation.

If you are interested in what the attendees completed, you can try Katacoda at Create your free account and have a look for yourself at the wide range of training courses on our platform. You will be working directly from a live system in your browser without having to worry about the hassle of downloads or configuration. You will be able to experiment with the latest technologies with a guided pathway consisting of step by step scenarios, quizzes and challenges. You will also be able to follow the material alongside a live, interactive environment configured with the required technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Are you interested in running your own event? We'd love to help, email us at [email protected] !