Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

This scenario explains how to launch a simple, multi-tier web application using Kubernetes and Docker. The Guestbook example application stores notes from guests in Redis via JavaScript API calls. Redis contains a master (for storage), and a replicated set of redis 'slaves'.

Core Concepts

The following core concepts will be covered during this scenario. These are the foundations of understanding Kubernetes.

  • Pods

  • Replication Controllers

  • Services

  • NodePorts


Step 1 of 8

Step 1 - Kubernetes Cluster

We already installed minikube for you. To view the nodes in the cluster, run the kubectl get nodes command kubectl get nodes

This command shows all nodes that can be used to host our applications. Now we have only one node, and we can see that it’s status is ready (it is ready to accept applications for deployment).