Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 2 minutes

Welcome to the Ansible for the Absolute Beginners Hands-On Experience!

In this lab we are going to explore our environment and get familiar with it.

Ansible has already been installed for you, so you do not have to install it yourself.

So let's get going.

That completes the first exercises of knowing the environment. Proceed to the next lecture.

Familiarize with Lab Environment

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Step 1 - Check if Ansible is installed

Environment Setup

The lab environment consists of two hosts

  • Ansible Control Machine - localhost: The host were Ansible is installed. It is the one you are currently logged into.
  • Ansible Target Machine - host01: Another host which will be the host we will be targetting using Ansible to make all configuration changes.

Lab-Architecture Image

Check Ansible Version

Ansible has already been installed. Run the below command to check the version of Ansible running in your environment. You may either type the below command as is in the terminal on the right , or simply click on the command below to automatically copy it and execute it in the window on the right.

ansible --version