Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 30-35 minutes

This lab attempts to write down and motivate some of the workflow elements used for git project. Many ideas apply in general, though the full workflow is rarely required for smaller projects with fewer people involved.

Now that you have an understanding of the projects you will use throughout this course, let's get started!

Git SCM - Lab 202

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Step 1 - Start New Project

Collaborating work and managing projects with bare Git SCM is not a simple task. Optimally you'll need a platform to manage your project.

GitLab is a fully integrated software development platform that enables you and your team to work cohesively, faster, transparently, and effectively, since the discussion of a new idea until taking that idea to production all the way through, from within the same platform.


Create New Project

  1. In your dashboard, click the green New project button or use the plus icon in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.
  2. This opens the New project page.
  3. Provide the following information:

    • Project name: project-atomic
    • Project description: Yet another simple HTML application
    • Visibility Level: Private
    • Check "Initialize repository with a README"
  4. Click Create project.


When you initialize a new repository, the best practice is to add some files which describes your project, such as;

  • CHANGELOG which is used to track changes
  • LICENSE which tells the world what is the copyright of your source code
  • CONTRIBUTING.md which describes to them how to contribute to your project
  1. Add new License file by clicking on the Add License button. This will open a text editor for entering the license context of your project.
  2. Choose Apache License 2.0 from the Template dropdown menu.
  3. Push the Commit changes button.

Do the same for CHANGELOG and CONTRIBUTING.md.

Manage Project Memebers

  1. Navigate to Settings then Members
  2. Under the Add member section, provide the following information: You can read more about role permissions on http://git.itworx.cloud/help/user/permissions

    • Select members to invite: "Choose your other team member"
    • Choose a role permission: Developer


  3. Click Add to project