Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

“Here we will be creating your first application called “Hello World” using the BlueData EPIC Application Workbench on a CentOS container.

Prerequisites: -Basic knowledge on containers -Linux administration -Git

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Intro To BlueData Application Workbench.

Centos7 Appliaction

Let's build a centos7 image

Follow these steps To build a custom CentOS 7.x base image


Create a directory by executing the mkdir command, such as: mkdir -p ~/src/base_images


Switch to the directory you just created by executing the cd command, such as cd ~/src/base_images


Retrieve the BlueData base image for CentOS 7 by executing the following command bdwb --baseimg centos7 This creates a directory called centos7 under your current directory.


Switch to the centos7 directory by executing the following command: cd centos7


ls -a


You may override one or more of the following parameter(s) by executing the following command(s), as appropriate:

export BASE_IMG_ORGNAME='enterprise', export BASE_IMG_VERSION='1.0', export CENTOS7_UPSTREAM='centos:centos7',


Make the new image by executing the following command:

make centos7


Verify that the image has built successfully by executing the command

docker images