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XL JetPack is designed to help small development teams quickly launch apps to the cloud in an automated and repeatable way without the need for manual scripting.

XL JetPack includes:

A Docker container that hosts the release orchestration application. A Docker container the hosts the deployment automation application. Blueprints that support common cloud-based infrastructures. An XL Command Line Interface (XL CLI) to control it all.

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Step 1

Quick start - XL Deploy

To start this image, use the following command:

docker run -d -e "ADMIN_PASSWORD=admin" -e "ACCEPT_EULA=Y" -p 4516:4516 --name xld xebialabs/xl-jetpack-deploy:8.5

Set ADMIN_PASSWORD to the desired password for the admin user. Note that by running this command, you are accepting the End User License Agreement for XL JetPack.

Accessing the product

After the product starts, assuming Docker is running on your local machine, you can access it at https://[[HOST_SUBDOMAIN]]-4516-[[KATACODA_HOST]].environments.katacoda.com/. Log in with the user name admin and the password that you set in the Docker command.