Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Ping Directory + Docker

Welcome to this tutorial!

Here you are going to learn how to start Ping Directory in Docker and get familiar with its basics.


Ping Directory is a powerful yet streamlined solution to help solve tough identity data problems.

To get help or downloads, the most useful resource can be found here

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The version of Ping Directory that you will interact with has been stripped down to fit in the tutorial environment and some of the features have been disabled.

Let's explore in this very brief tutorial

Congratulations !

Congratulations on finishing your very first introduction to Ping Directory on Docker!

Ping Directory Docker Basics

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Getting started

Without further ado, let's start a Ping Directory docker container!

Run Ping Directory in Docker

Here is how:

docker run -d -p 1389:1389 \ --name ping-directory \ pingidentity/ping-directory:katacoda

Docker will download the Ping Directory image and run it. This may take a few moments. Meanwhile...

Look at live logs

You can look at the container starting up with this command:

docker logs -f ping-directory

Once the server is up and running, Ctrl-C out of the log tail. You now have a running Ping Directory container, ready for the next steps...